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Dinosaurs and Cavemen

The Dinosaurs & Cavemen science expo is a pop-up science museum hosted at Rock Bridge High School in conjunction with the planetarium.  It is largely organized by Dr. Casey Holliday and involves all of MU Integrative Anatomy.  More than 1000 members  of the public came to the event this year.  Members of the Ward Lab participate, hosting several tables featuring the human skeleton, a real mock Lascaux cave with painting, tables where people can meet their ancestors, and a "monkey see monkey chew" exhibit that teaches the public about diet, teeth and human evolution (outreach for NSF BCS 1515709).

Wine, Cheese and Fossils

Each fall, the Ward lab hosts members of MU's Fortnightly Club and other interested people for an evening of wine and cheese in the lab.  This open house showcased some of the fossil evidence for human evolution and research going at MU. Students are available to answer questions and show visitors what we do.  Who can beat looking at fossils with wine and cheese?

Our African Origins

In March 2016, The MU African Interdisciplinary Studies Hub and many units across campus hosted a two-day public symposium entitled "Our African Origins" featuring an evening keynote talk by Dr. Meave Leakey, and an all-day symposium with talks by Drs. Bill Kimbel, Zeray Alemseged, Carol Ward, Kay Behrensmeyer, Bernard Wood and Curtis Marean, and social events where people could meet with and talk to the scholars.  All events were free and open to the public.  It was a terrific event for not just the university, but for the Columbia area community and beyond.

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